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Charting a new course..

As we move out of 2016 and into a New Year, we at Container-Logic will also be making changes. Whilst we will still continue to post commentary on relevant container industry news, our main focus will be the business of Stowage Planning. We want to expose this fascinating part of the industry to a wider audience as well as using this platform for access to a new software tool that we are currently developing. We also want to play our part in dragging this industry into the 21st Century!

Stowage is an integral part of the entire logistics chain and we believe that those dedicated individuals that work in this high pressure and skilled environment need both recognition and a platform for sharing ideas. We aim to continue to upgrade this site and make it THE stowage resource online.

We welcome all suggestions and comments from anyone working in the industry. Tell us what you want to see or know about. What are your own experiences and skills? Drop us an email at

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