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Stowage Optimization Publications

Many people are very surprised when they learn that Stowage Coordination is such a manual process. Over the years, there have been many attempts to develop "Stowage Optimization" software. So far, all have failed in their attempts to either create Automated Stowage Software or Decision Support Software.

Nevertheless, I have been involved in a number of these projects over the past 12 years and have co-authored 3 papers on the subject.

Personally, I believe that the industry is still very far away from having such tools. In the past (and current) attempts to generate such software applications, it has come down to two major flaws.

  1. Capability of current technology

  2. Lack of understanding on the part of the development teams about how stowage really work

For the sake of interest, I have included the 3 papers that I have co-authored on the subject but feel I must mention the disclaimer that none, so far, have produced any tangible, or useful results.

The papers can be found on the Publications part of the website.

I will cover this subject in much more detail at a later date.

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